The Mahan attained Mahasamadhi on the 4th day of January 1929, corresponding to Margasira Krishna Navami of the Tamil year Vibhava . The Mahapooja was performed by the devotees and the mortal body of Sri Swamigal was interred on the southern side of Arunachala, adjacent to the Ramanashramam under the guidance of Ramana Maharhi himself. A Siva Lingam was installed over the Samadhi and a small shrine was constructed.


Over a period of time the shrine was developed further and other deities were installed. A Dhyana Mantapam and accommodation facilities for the devotees were also constructed. The present set up also includes a Kalyana Mantapam with attendant facilities.The management of the Samadhi temple was earlier with a Trust and at present the affairs are managed by an Administrator appointed the High Court of Madras.